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A uniquely numbered, limited edition art print - hand-signed by the Artist.

Matching № Set

Get both colors, Gold & Silver, with the same matching number, for example 10/250, making this collection extra special. There is no other way to get a matching number. We unfortunately don't take number requests; numbers will be allocated in order.

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  • Limited Edition

    The prints are produced in a limited edition of only 250 pieces world wide. To complete the artwork, the artist numbers every artwork with a unique number, e.g. 10/250.

  • Framed

    Every print comes beautifully framed in a minimalist black wooden frame behind anti-glare museum glass.

    The Size measured 57 x 77 cm including the frame.

  • Signed by the Artist

    Klibansky signs every print in the bottom left corner with a white pen. The prints are created on Somerset Black Velvet 100% cotton archival art paper.

Reflective foil and multi-layered UV inks on saturated black archival 100% cotton art paper.