Bare Hug — Collectable

The Monaco Edition

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The Bare Hug

Based on the massive four meter (13 foot) tall Azure colored Bare Hug sculpture, especially created for the Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2024, now comes the Bare Hug — Collectable (The Monaco Edition).

  • 27 cm tall
  • € 2500,-
  • Edition of 150
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A uniquely numbered, limited edition of 150 - hand-signed by the Artist.

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€ 2500,-

including 21% VAT if applicable, excluding shipping, duties and other taxes

Côte d'Azur

The color is inspired by the azure colored waters of the French Riviera.

In a hue reminiscent of Tiffany blue, the Bare Hug — Collectable (The Monaco Edition) evokes the luxury and tranquility of the Côte d’Azur’s shimmering coastlines.

Seven Sins

During the prestigious Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, which is held every year in the tiny streets in the mountainous Riviera state, this year, the four meter tall Bare Hug sculpture was on display on the bow of the 52 meter long super yacht named 'Seven Sins'. Moored in the middle of the T-jetty adjacent to the Route de la Piscine in the center of Monte-Carlo, it attracted millions of spectators from around the world.

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The Monaco Set // Matching Numbers

For a limited time of only 24 hours you will be able to purchase both the

Bare Hug — Collectable (The Monaco Edition) Artist Proof (AP)


Butterflies Live Forever - Giclée (Azure/Green)

art print, for a reduced price and with matching edition numbers.

Both the limited edition fine art print and the sculpture collectable have an edition of only 25 pieces.

€ 6000,- (€7̶0̶̶0̶̶̶0̶̶̶,-)

Sold Out
  • Hand-crafted

    Each sculpture is cradled within a bespoke hand-crafted box, designed to enhance and protect its unique contours. These boxes are not merely containers but a part of the artwork itself, crafted from the finest materials to complement the beauty of the sculpture within.

  • Signed and numbered

    Every piece in this collection is not only a work of art but a personal testament from the artist, as each sculpture is uniquely numbered and hand-signed. This individual marking underscores the exclusive nature of the piece, making it a treasured possession for any collector.

  • Finest materials

    The box is elevated by the use of exquisite paper materials and classical foil printing techniques in combination with all-over embossing. The attention to detail in the textural finishes not only adds a tactile quality but also visually enhances the artistry of each piece.

Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky is a Dutch, Cape-Town born (1984) contemporary artist, mostly known for his large scale and polished bronze sculpture and collage based “Thought Paintings”. From his Amsterdam based studio he creates artworks that are shown all around the world. Working primarily in installation, painting, sculpture, Klibansky explores the complex relationships between art, beauty, religion, life and death. He constantly returns to his foundational interests and themes, which he reworks to develop an innovative visual language.

  • Elements of Desire

    “Bare Hug” traces its conceptual roots to the 2013 artwork “Elements of Desire,” echoing its form as an enlarged, mass-produced toy frame cradling objects of yearning. In today’s whirlwind of instant gratification, this artwork poignantly captures the essence of desire through objects that serve as metaphors for the elusive and often unattainable aspirations of modern life. By embodying the dichotomy between rapid consumption and the substantial effort required to attain deeper fulfillments, “Elements of Desire” offers a reflective lens on contemporary society’s complex dance with desire.

  • Bare Hug

    The teddy bear, traditionally a symbol of love and innocence, is reimagined provocatively in this artwork by the addition of male genitals, challenging the viewer’s preconceptions and disrupting its innocent aura. This bold juxtaposition compels us to confront societal norms and cultural taboos surrounding the human body and sexuality. By merging this unexpected anatomical feature—common to half of the global population—with the beloved childhood icon, the piece creates a potent tension that questions our perceptions of purity and prompts a deeper contemplation of innocence in a world rich with diverse values.