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Joseph Klibansky

Bare Hug — Collectable (The Monaco Edition)

Bare Hug — Collectable (The Monaco Edition)

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Klibansky’s “Bare Hug” sculpture stands as one of his most iconic and coveted creations. From its inception, this piece has been a must-have for collectors seeking to complete their collections. Following the sell-out of all original bronze versions, Klibansky introduced the first collectible edition of “Bare Hug” in 2023. This release was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, becoming an instant sensation among Klibansky’s admirers.

The Monaco Edition

In 2024, during the prestigious Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, Klibansky showcased a remarkable collection aboard the super yacht ‘Seven Sins’. To mark this special occasion, a grand version of the “Bare Hug” was created for the yacht’s bow. This exclusive “Bare Hug — Collectible (The Monaco Edition)” features a stunning turquoise blue hue, echoing the glistening waters of the French Riviera.


• Sculpture Size: 22 (width) x 36 (height) x 14.5 (depth) cm
• Box Size: 27 (width) x 20 (height) x 41 (depth) cm
• Material: Resin, Steel, Paint
• Weight: approx. 3 kg
• Release Price: €2500,-
• Regular Price: 24 hours after the release, the price will increase to €3500,-

Production Timeline

1. Launch: The “Bare Hug” sculpture is officially launched.
2. Drop Closure: Wait 24 hours after the launch for the drop to close.
3. Production Order: Begin production of each numbered edition in sequence. Edition No. 1 will be produced first, followed by No. 2, and so on.
4. Packaging: Each sculpture will be carefully packaged in its handcrafted box.
5. Notification: You will receive a notification once your numbered edition is ready for pickup or shipment.

The entire production of the “Bare Hug” sculpture series is estimated to take approximately one to three months.


Secure your piece of Klibansky’s artistic legacy with the “Bare Hug” sculpture. Each collectible is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a unique addition to your collection that will be cherished for years to come.